Benefits of Playing the

Playing the piano is a wonderful
and rewarding experience.

It is a world of beauty and harmony that
brings the deepest satisfaction of being able
to express one's feelings, and emotions,
moods and personality. Many of my adult
students have shared that they love sitting at
the piano after a stressful day and relax
playing their favorite pieces.

Music can play a significant role
in the overall development of a

Statistics show that children who learn to
play an instrument listen to instructions
better, are more attentive, and will be more
likely to excel in school. Many of the issues
related to peer pressure can also be avoided
by encouraging the discipline and the
confidence that a love for music inspires.

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My name is  Rosie Mace and I am a professional and
experienced piano teacher who believes in her students. I  give
private piano lessons to
children as young as 4.5 - 5 year old,
and to
adult students, levels from beginner to advanced in my
home studio in Poway, CA. I would love to be your piano teacher.
Please feel free to explore my website, and contact me if you
have any questions, or to inquire about my current availability.

My teaching style is kind and encouraging.

I am classically trained, and I teach sight reading, music theory,
technique, performance, all music fundamentals, and various
musical styles. Each lesson is individually designed according to
the student's needs and goals. My piano students have the
opportunity to participate in
Piano Recitals twice a year.
My adult students are not required perform at our  piano r

I also teach Minimusic.

This a fun music theory course for children ages 4 -7 that
prepares children for piano lessons, voice lessons, and
for other music instruments.
This is the very best
curriculum that I have found, because it is the perfect
combination of learning and fun. It is a great place to start for
children that want to play a music instrument, but are not quite
ready to start individual lessons.
Please contact me for class availability, time, and

13349 Montego Dr. Poway, CA 92064    
Tel. 858.748.8944   Cell.: 858.248.2490